4 Areas to Automate in Your Business

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Online Marketing Automation

Automation for your online presence can seem overwhelming at first – where do you even start? You know that automation is, in some capacity, necessary to your business success. You also know that you can’t do everything yourself manually, nor do you desire to. Automation gives you the ability to work on your business without working so much in your business. It allows you to have necessary steps that happen automatically without you having to stop what you are doing mid-thought and login to your various social media platforms to post.

In this article, we’ll explore four common areas for business automation.

Social Media Automation – Tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer make automating your social media posts easy as pie. You simply queue up as many posts as you want, with or without images or video, and schedule them to publish, and you’re done! You can spend an hour or two once a week, and schedule up your posts to several different social media platforms at the same time. After that, all you need to do is follow up and respond to comments on those posts, and you’re good to go!

Web Hosting and Management

Your website is the cornerstone of your online business, and your web hosting is the building that houses it, so it pays to have a web host that will do the maintenance you need so that you don’t have to worry about it. This will keep your site(s) up and running, and as secure as they can be. Try to find a web host with stellar support so that if something should go wrong, they’ll be immediately available to get your site back up again.

Website Analytics

You’ve got to know your numbers. But this can be fiddly and overwhelming because you’re not just dealing with website traffic anymore. Your best bet for automating this task is to find an all-in-one dashboard (such as Cyfe.com) that can analyze and give you data on your website traffic, as well as your social media engagement, Facebook or Adwords ads performance, keyword ranking information…and with just one place to log in to get this information, it’s a true gem!

Help Desk Support

If you’re still answering support emails one by one, you need to get out of the dark ages and begin automating this task immediately! There are so many excellent solutions for help desk automation – Freshdesk.com and Zendesk.com are just two of hundreds of providers who will allow you to utilize automatic responses, FAQ sections, and will save you hours of answering individual emails.