What is Your Personal Vision For Your Life?

This quote from John Maxwell is so rich with truth. The key words here are “vision” and passion.

What is your vision for your life?

What is your vision for your career?

Your health?

Your relationship? And so on…

And so on…

Take some time today to reacquaint yourself with your personal vision for your life. I find that going outside no matter the weather to kick off my shoes, dig my toes in the grass under my much-loved pecan trees and ground myself to the earth brings moments of quiet contemplation and clarity.

Once you find a quiet place where you can be completely alone, dig deep to ask yourself this. How do you see your ultimate life unfolding?

Notice how your own sense of passion becomes activated as you think about your ultimate vision.

What are you passionate about? Have you been neglecting some of your best ideas due to a hectic
schedule? How much time have you wasted that has you a little bit sick to your stomach?

Each day be sure to carve out that important “me” time to revisit your dreams and goals. Recognize areas of opportunity to re-introduce your passions back into your regular daily routine.

Here’s to your success!

LinkedIn Marketing Gone Wrong

You need to stop listening to this bad advice!

Bad LinkedIn Networking Tactics

I posted this on Facebook and LinkedIn this morning. I didn’t think I was alone in my thinking that this is very bad marketing and I wasn’t wrong given the responses.

“Just so you know…I really, really, really dislike people scraping my private email address from LinkedIn and then sending me a sales pitch. Don’t do it. I will be polite the first time and ask you to stop spamming me, but the second time I will find you on all social media and block you. Fair enough?”

I also sent a polite ‘cease and desist’ response email to the person doing this because, frankly, I am just sick of this kind of hard sell “networking” and almost instantly got a very defensive email in return telling me that she was reaching out to hire a Virtual Assistant. At NO POINT did her lengthy sales pitch include that bit of information. I was also informed that we were no longer connected — we only connected yesterday — and apparently, that was meant to hurt my feelings. Enough already. Just accept that it was a bad move and find another way to connect with potential clients and customers. This is not working.

There are many acceptable ways of getting your information, products, and services to a wide audience and this is not one of them. People want and need to get to know you, like you, and trust you. Instantly hammering them with an offer that makes absolutely no sense at all had you taken the time to actually get to know a bit more about them could have saved a lot of irritation and bad feelings. I am just one person. Multiply this by hundreds of hard-sell reach out and see how fast your business does NOT grow.

How do you reach your market?

Identify What Is Stopping You From Taking Action

Procrastination is rarely helpful but when it becomes a lifestyle you are creating harmful habits that will not serve you well.

Identify What Is Stopping You From Taking Action by Denise Griffitts

We all want to grow up to be successful. But life has a way of slowing us down or hindering us in ways that you may not even notice until one day you just kind of look around and wonder why you are not getting more done. Why you are not making more money. Why your entrepreneurial journey is moving along at a snails pace.

In the back of your mind, there is this niggling feeling that just won’t stop and you feel like you can’t grasp what your brain knows and is trying to share.

Instead of worrying about it and trying to diagnose your general sense of malaise, start doing. Sitting around thinking about what may or may not be hindering you is a lot less fruitful than taking steps. Procrastination is rarely helpful but when it becomes a lifestyle you are creating harmful habits that will not serve you well.

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Stay Calm and Be Professional

What to do before sending off a knee-jerk response to a troublesome client

Stay Calm and Be Professional by Denise Griffitts

As any true Virtual Assistance professional knows, if you wake up with the disposition of a sleep-deprived honey badger, responding to a client or team question with snark can only harm your relationship.

Virtual Assistants – Invest in Your Team

Before you can lead anyone else, you must first learn to manage yourself

Every successful company depends on the “Go-to-Guy/Gal” This is the person that can always be relied on to come through when you need them the most. Have you identified this person on your team? Do you take EXCELLENT care of him or her? Does he or she know how much you appreciate their excellent work ethic? Identify this person and invest in them. Make sure they know how important the work they do contributes to your success and that you are aware of it and deeply appreciative. Your best and most productive team members invariably feel well cared for – respected, rewarded and secure.

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Your Partner In Success Radio: Robert Plank

How to Go From Idea to Fully Published Book in 12 Hours

Your Partner In Success Radio - Robert PlankWhat’s the exact process to creating that self-published book, start to finish? Robert Plank is here to tell us.



Robert Plank is an online business coach who would like to help you manage your time, get your life back, and simplify your daily activities. Using systems, checklists, and templates, you can write a book within an hour and become a published author within 12 hours. You can setup a membership site in a single day. Create a blog or podcast in 5 minutes or less, and so much more.

Robert makes a high six figure income on the internet creating information products, software tools, and webinar training. Then, advertising on the internet to turn it into a system that continues to function day in and day out.

We are going to cover the following topics:

  • What books should people be writing about?
  • What’s the exact process to creating that self-published book, start to finish?
  • How do you outline a book?
  • How do you write a book quickly and why is it important to write quickly?
  • Brain hacks to overcome

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