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Your Partner In Success Radio with Denise Griffitts

Podcasts have become excellent sources for great storytelling, interviews, and business creation.

Your Partner In Success Radio is an internationally recognized podcast hosted by Denise Griffitts that has been featured on Entrepreneur,, and MSNBC.

If you would like to be a guest on a highly rated business podcast please fill out the form below and we will be in touch. You will be in GREAT company!

If you need any assistance with the application process or have questions, please call 1-888-719-6711 and leave a message. Your call will be returned just as quickly as possible.

Denise Griffitts requires a 10-15 minute pre-interview call to ensure that you and your topic are a good fit for Your Partner In Success Radio. There is no guarantee that this phone call will result in a booking.
I interview a lot of authors and speakers, and while I almost never make the interview solely about your book, I would love to know more about it. In fact, I would genuinely appreciate a copy of the book mailed to me if you are selected as a guest expert.
By submitting this information, you agree, if you are selected as a podcast guest, that we can use the recording(s) for our podcast(s), website(s), product(s), book(s), etc. without any compensation owed to you, as long as we mention your website (that you listed above) when we repurpose the interview so people can find you. You, in turn, can do the exact same thing as long as your reader/listener/viewer hears from you that it came from your appearance on "Your Partner In Success Radio Hosted By Denise Griffitts". Thank you!
This was one of THE best radio interviews I have done. Being with a consummate professional as host (Denise Griffitts) makes it an enjoyable and worthwhile experience!Dr. Jim Tunney
The Dean of NFL Referrees
Denise – I do a dozen podcasts a month. I would say yours isn’t an interrogation like many are. And yours is more organic. If it comes up naturally then we talk about it. Larry Winget
The Pitbull of Personal Development®
Denise is a true professional, through and through. After having been a guest on hundreds of podcasts and webinars over the years, I found Denise to be one of the easiest to work with in advance. The whole process was easy and fun. During the interview itself, Denise made me feel comfortable while we simply talked and had a great conversation. She knew the information and value from me she wanted her listeners to have and did a great job of asking exactly the right questions so the interview flowed. Felicia Slattery
Communication consultant, speaker, and coach
Denise is easy to have a conversation with. She is energetic and does her research on her guests. The great conversation and easy feeling and friendliness you feel makes the podcast flow so well.David Brown
Bestselling author - Consultant - Business planning expert