LinkedIn Marketing Gone Wrong

You need to stop listening to this bad advice!

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Bad LinkedIn Networking Tactics

I posted this on Facebook and LinkedIn this morning. I didn’t think I was alone in my thinking that this is very bad marketing and I wasn’t wrong given the responses.

“Just so you know…I really, really, really dislike people scraping my private email address from LinkedIn and then sending me a sales pitch. Don’t do it. I will be polite the first time and ask you to stop spamming me, but the second time I will find you on all social media and block you. Fair enough?”

I also sent a polite ‘cease and desist’ response email to the person doing this because, frankly, I am just sick of this kind of hard sell “networking” and almost instantly got a very defensive email in return telling me that she was reaching out to hire a Virtual Assistant. At NO POINT did her lengthy sales pitch include that bit of information. I was also informed that we were no longer connected — we only connected yesterday — and apparently, that was meant to hurt my feelings. Enough already. Just accept that it was a bad move and find another way to connect with potential clients and customers. This is not working.

There are many acceptable ways of getting your information, products, and services to a wide audience and this is not one of them. People want and need to get to know you, like you, and trust you. Instantly hammering them with an offer that makes absolutely no sense at all had you taken the time to actually get to know a bit more about them could have saved a lot of irritation and bad feelings. I am just one person. Multiply this by hundreds of hard-sell reach out and see how fast your business does NOT grow.

How do you reach your market?