How to Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

Just for the record, I am not deleting my Facebook account, or advocating that you do. In fact, I find that Facebook is a tremendous resource for both of my businesses.

But… navigating the site’s increasingly worrisome privacy settings has many users seriously considering leaving, and leaving permanently.

If you are considering deleting your Facebook profile permanently, these are the three steps you will need to take:

  • Login into your FB account and navigate to this page.

Delete my Facebook Account

  • Confirm your decision by entering your password and completing a “CAPTCHA” test.

Delete Your Facebook Account Permanently

  • Don’t login to Facebook for two weeks! Facebook gives users a 14-day window of opportunity to reconsider their decision. If you are absolutely positive that you do not want to reopen your profile, don’t login. 

Permanently Delete Facebook Account Warning

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