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This week I spent a good bit of time on the phone with Infusionsoft on behalf of one of my clients who has really been wanting to use their system for a long time, but the monthly subscription price was always a show stopper for him.

Imagine my surprise when after several discussions not only did they allow me to negotiate a huge (lifetime!) discount for him, but apparently they were giddy enough with exhaustion that they are allowing me to offer the same discount to my clients and my list….. but only until tomorrow, Friday July 30, 2010.



If you, or your client(s) have been considering switching from 1ShoppingCart/Aweber/Constant Contact and all of the various and separate systems that you currently use to run your online business then please consider Infusionsoft. This is the system that the big internet marketers use and there are many, many reasons for that. The primary reason being that they can manage their online marketing in one spot. Rather than piece together your business, with Infusionsoft your system is working as one, comprehensive unit. The individual features “talk to each other” on a regular basis to give you a clear view of everything that’s going on, make managing your business easier, and build better, more profitable relationships with all your customers and prospects.

Right now if you make the switch to Infusionsoft you’ll get Infusionsoft Deluxe which is regularly priced at $299 per month for the price of the Basic plan, meaning that you will not pay $299 per month. You will pay $199. For life! There is no sign up fee, or set up fee.

Let me assure you that I am in no way disparaging the above-referenced systems. In fact, I work in each daily for myself and for clients and highly recommend them on a regular basis. The fact remains however, they as good as they are, they are separate systems that of necessity need to be “duct taped” together which takes time, skill and a fair amount of energy. After a while you realize just how much time and money is being spent on maintaining these systems.

BTW, I am moving all of my businesses from 1shoppingcart and Aweber to Infusionsoft today. Over the next few weeks you will see a definite shift in how we deliver information and material to you and I am very excited!

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Denise Griffitts is a nationally recognized Virtual Assistance Industry Expert, Online Business Manager, VA Coach and Mentor. She owns and operates a highly successful multi-VA firm and a web development company.

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