What is Your Personal Vision For Your Life?

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This quote from John Maxwell is so rich with truth. The key words here are “vision” and passion.

What is your vision for your life?

What is your vision for your career?

Your health?

Your relationship? And so on…

And so on…

Take some time today to reacquaint yourself with your personal vision for your life. I find that going outside no matter the weather to kick off my shoes, dig my toes in the grass under my much-loved pecan trees and ground myself to the earth brings moments of quiet contemplation and clarity.

Once you find a quiet place where you can be completely alone, dig deep to ask yourself this. How do you see your ultimate life unfolding?

Notice how your own sense of passion becomes activated as you think about your ultimate vision.

What are you passionate about? Have you been neglecting some of your best ideas due to a hectic
schedule? How much time have you wasted that has you a little bit sick to your stomach?

Each day be sure to carve out that important “me” time to revisit your dreams and goals. Recognize areas of opportunity to re-introduce your passions back into your regular daily routine.

Here’s to your success!