Some Spam is Pretty Yummy

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No, not the stuff in a can, although if you fry it enough and hide it under a thick layer of onions and rye bread it might be edible.

No, I am talking about the spam that seems to come at us from all directions in our email boxes, our WordPress websites, our telephones…. it gets tiring.

But every now and then I get one or two that makes me laugh just from the sheer absurdity of it all. Here are two such examples.

This gem was in response to a post titled “Work From Home Time Wasters” Apparently “Affiliate” thinks this is a nifty way to acquire backlinks. I got a huge kick out of the very flowery message. Somehow, I think perhaps English is not “Affiliate’s” first language. I do agree with him on the “phenomenal lucidity” in my writing part though.

The other one tickled my funny bone because it was in response to a post that I had written about Facebook Clutter and yes, Farmville was mentioned. I actually kept this until today just because I found it so irresistibly ironic. Let’s see if you enjoy the irony as much as I do. Hint: Pay close attention to the exhortation about “No scams please”.

Idiotic Spam

Here is the text if the image is too difficult to read.

I want the best farmville information or cheats. I want to level up fast in farmville. I want farmville gold coins fast. Is there any cheat or manual makes it possible for me to dominate farmville legally. Inform me the very best farmville tricks, strategies, guides. No scams please.properly i wouldn’t call it cheating if it legal/not agents the {rules|guidelinesone|1|a single|one particular thing|point|factor|issue your gonna get is a|is really a|is often a|can be a|is usually a lot|whole lot|great deal|good deal|ton of answers with referral links/affiliate links trying to|attempting to|wanting to|looking to sell|market you some thing|point|factor|issue the truth is you don’t|do not have to|need to pay money|cash|funds|dollars|income for a guide|information|manual, bot or any other kind|type of cheattheir is a|is really a|is often a|can be a|is usually a free|free of charge|no cost|totally free|cost-free Farmville helper toolbar at (I have removed his URL).

Seriously, do people really think these things will get approved??

Do you have any beauties you would like to share? Please?


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