Stupid Spammers Can Be Entertaining

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I Love Irony!

Late last year I wrote a post entitled “Sometimes Spam is Entertaining” where I wondered aloud if the close proximity to those sexual enhancement emails has anything to do with the  apparent reproduction capabilities of the other junk emails.

In a act of what I consider delicious irony, (or rank stupidity, depending on your frame of mind) a very nice little person – I am either being ironic or sardonic here -it is your call, left me this nice comment:

Spam Comment on Denise

Well, look here…. it is another of those sexual enhancement links.

Orexis Spam

I am guessing this was a spam robot and not a real live person who did this. At least I am hoping that is the case and that this “nice little person” is not as dumb as I think he/she might be.


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