The Art of the Thank You Note

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Saying “thank you” is not only the right thing to do, but it is also an effective way to keep in touch with people in your industry or field of interest and leave a positive impression on the reader of the note.

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rebecca Quinn on my BlogTalkRadio show, “Your Partner in Success“. We had a great time and shared a lot of information and tips about getting your business and your life organized and she gave specific tips about systems and processes to help the home-based entrepreneur set up these systems.

Imagine my delight when this lovely note from Rebecca came in the mail!

Thank you Rebecca! I very much appreciate you taking the time out of your hectic schedule to share your passion and expertise about our industry with myself and our audience and it was lovely “meeting” you. We will definitely stay in touch.


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Denise Griffitts is a nationally recognized Virtual Assistance Industry Expert, Online Business Manager, VA Coach and Mentor. She owns and operates a highly successful multi-VA firm and a web development company.


  1. Sanjeev Nair  March 12, 2010

    Hey! Glad to read that the old fashioned way of sending ‘Thank you’ note still exists.

    My ‘thumbs up’ to Rebecca!

  2. Jennifer Dennard  March 15, 2010

    Great post. I firmly believe that thank you notes will always be one of the best ways to stand out in the minds of friends, family and colleagues. I owe my current job to the thank you note I sent in after my interview. It’s a lost art that needs to be revived.

    I wrote a similarly titled blog about them: The Art of Thank You Notes

  3. Denise Griffitts  March 15, 2010

    Hi Jennifer — Thank you for those kind words as well as the link to your article. Much appreciated!

  4. Denise Griffitts  March 15, 2010

    Hello Sanjeev. I was delighted to see Rebecca’s note and agree wit you that a “thumbs up” is in order. Have a great day!

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