The Great Kindle Challenge with Ryan Deiss

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The Great Kindle Challenge with Ryan Deiss

Have you given any thought at all to writing and publishing a book on Kindle? The Kindle has revolutionized the publishing world, empowering and enriching many online entrepreneurs and small business owners at the same time. It is an excellent way to prove your authority and earn credibility from your market.

Ryan Deiss is launching a new book on Amazon Kindle and he is going to do live and let us see how he promotes it, gives it away and then eventually sells it once he has the buzz going about it.

His goal is 10,000 downloads and 500 real sales within the first month. He also wants the book to rank #1 in its category, or categories.

What I find so interesting about this challenge is that Ryan is doing this in a market where he has not list to leverage. Which means that if he can do it, so can we!

I have already registered to watch Ryan succeed (or fail) and my sense is that if he does meet his goal then he will have discovered how to build a very successful Kindle program that he will be able to sell to people like you and me.

Either way, we have the opportunity to learn the steps it takes to become part of the Kindle publishing world from an expert.

Go sign up for the updates to follow Ryan on this journey. Take plenty of notes and learn how to launch your new book on Kindle. I am!

All that is required is your email address. Nothing more. Click here to register.

After you register you will get a link to download his new book “Kindle Publishing Revolution” and then a series of update videos for 7 days as he works on his Kindle Challenge.

See you there!

Kindle Challenge with Ryan Deiss


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