Today! How to Apply the Rules of Dating to Your Business

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Today! Courting your Customers: The Secrets to Perfecting the Customer Lifecycle

30 Minute Webinar, Wednesday, November 10, 10 AM Paficic

Do you ever feel like you’re on a perpetual first date with your prospects? You focus on wearing the right outfit, saying the right things, knowing when/if to ask for a second date, and avoiding getting broccoli stuck in your teeth.

And if things don’t go well, you have the heartache that comes with rejection…or in this case, the pain of lost revenue.
Well, I may not have the answer to your dating struggles (not to say you’re struggling). But our friends at Infusionsoft do have a proven way to convert leads into customers, turn customers into raving fans, and build quality relationships that last a lifetime. (And before you ask if I am an Infusionsoft customer, I will tell you that I am. And a very happy one!)

When you apply the principles of dating to your business, you begin to remember that your customers are people. Then you can analyze your marketing practices:

  • Do you have the same canned lines for all of your dates (a generic marketing message)?
  • Are you too pushy on the first date (asking for the sale too early)?
  • Do you forget to call back (poor follow-up)?
  • Are you taking your relationships for granted (not taking care of existing customers)?

These are common mistakes made by many business owners (and certainly many, many people in the dating world). But you can do better!

The Infusionsoft team has created a fun new video that shows one of the common mistakes businesses make when trying to connect with prospects. And when you’re done watching it, you’ll have a much better idea of what you can do to WOW your customers from the beginning.

Watch the video now.

Find out how to make a lasting impression with your customers. Register for this free webinar which take place today.

(And we’ll be here to tell you if you have broccoli in your teeth…honest.)

To your success!


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Denise Griffitts is a nationally recognized Virtual Assistance Industry Expert, Online Business Manager, VA Coach and Mentor. She owns and operates a highly successful multi-VA firm and a web development company.

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