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Recently┬áI interviewed Ben Cope, “The Internet Genius” for the second time on my BlogTalkRadio show. The response was tremendous and as usual, we simply did not have enough time to cover even a fraction of the information that we wanted to impart to our audience about WordPress. If you didn’t have an opportunity to listen to the interviews live you can hear and download them here:

Ben Cope Interview, May 1, 2009

Ben Cope Interview May 15, 2009

Ben referenced several things in the call that I have been asked to post here. One of them is the permalink code that you need in order to create tidy page url’s for your blog. The detailed instructions for inserting this code will vary depending on your what version of WordPress you are running. However, it is a simple matter to navigate in your control panel to “Settings” and then to “Permalinks”. Choose the Custom Structures option and type the following code snippet: /%postname%/. (Without the period, of course).

Ben also shared his bookmarks where you will find a wealth of information about WordPress. He also offered to share an excellent video about installing WordPress on a GoDaddy Hosting account.


Ben Cope’s Top 5 Recommended Plugins for WordPress

  1. All in One SEO Pack – Anybody who knows what they are doing with their WordPress blog will have this plugin installed! This is by far the most popular plugin for optimizing WordPress blogs for the search engines. This plugin allows you to add the ability to create unique title tags and descriptive URLs. Though WordPress is optimized for the search engines, there is no easy way to add meta data to posts and pages in the CMS. All in one SEO pack adds a field where Title, description and keywords can be placed. This should be the absolute first plugin you download and install.
  2. Google XML Sitemaps – Another plugin that will help you with search engine visibility! It helps Google keep tabs on your valuable content. The XML file that is generated will automatically be updated every time you post and give search engines a single place to look for new content. Once you’ve enabled this plugin you’ll want to make sure you register your sitemap with all of the major search engines using their various webmaster registration tools so that when they crawl your site, they can utilize your XML sitemap for new indexable content.
  3. Akismet – Absolutely essential to have this plugin activated! It comes preinstalled whenever you setup a new WordPress site. All you have to do is register for a new account to get your API key. It rarely takes more than a couple of weeks before spam-comments starts to drop in. Comments filled with scattered text and links to bad websites. When WordPress has little to protect your blog against this kind of spam, Akismet is a must. It automatically detects spam-comments, placing them in an archive for you to moderate.
  4. Sociable – Adds RSS feeds and social bookmarking links to your posts. Digg, Technorati, and several other bookmarking sites. A good-looking, professional feature that enables the reader to directly credit your post.
  5. WP-DB Backup – Most people who have experience of WordPress can understand the delicacy and dependency of connecting databases. Vital data is stored there, fetched every time a post or page is loaded in a web browser. If your databases crash, data closely connected to your website’s content will be gone forever. Backup is important for any site and so even for a WordPress blog. With WP-DB-Backup you can make database backups to just some or all variables directly from the admin. You can then choose to store the backup on the server or on your own computer.

Additional Plugins Worth Installing:

  1. Feedburner Feedsmith Plugin
  2. pageMash
  3. Related Posts
  4. cForms II

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