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How to Go From Idea to Fully Published Book in 12 Hours

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Your Partner In Success Radio - Robert PlankWhat’s the exact process to creating that self-published book, start to finish? Robert Plank is here to tell us.



Robert Plank is an online business coach who would like to help you manage your time, get your life back, and simplify your daily activities. Using systems, checklists, and templates, you can write a book within an hour and become a published author within 12 hours. You can setup a membership site in a single day. Create a blog or podcast in 5 minutes or less, and so much more.

Robert makes a high six figure income on the internet creating information products, software tools, and webinar training. Then, advertising on the internet to turn it into a system that continues to function day in and day out.

We are going to cover the following topics:

  • What books should people be writing about?
  • What’s the exact process to creating that self-published book, start to finish?
  • How do you outline a book?
  • How do you write a book quickly and why is it important to write quickly?
  • Brain hacks to overcome

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