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Online Identity Theft Protection for Dummies by Dovell BonnettCyber attacks are now at epidemic levels. A single computer breach is now estimated to cost over $7.2 million per incident. Companies, universities, utility plants and government offices are battling this by adding more backend security (like firewalls, anti-virus and CAPTCHAs) to protect their sensitive data, all the while leaving the “front door” wide open. The biggest and most overlooked threat to almost every system is not from outside. It’s your own employees! Beefing up password size and complexity frequently leads to more insecurity because it drives the users to practice poor password management.

Dovell Bonnett has been creating security solutions for computer users for over 20 years. In order to provide these solutions to consumers as directly, and quickly, as possible, he founded Access Smart. With each of his innovations, the end user — the person sitting in front of a computer — is his # 1 customer.

This passion, as he puts it, to “empower people to manage digital information in the digital age” also led him to write the popular Online Identity Theft Protection for Dummies. Within the pervasive nature of our e-commerce and e-business community, personal information, from credit card numbers to your pet’s name, is more easily accessed, and identity theft and fraud has become an issue that touches every consumer.

Mr. Bonnett’s solutions reduce security risks for individual users, small businesses and large corporations. His professional experience spans 21 years in engineering, product development, sales and marketing, with more than 15 years focused specifically on smartcard technology, systems and applications. Mr. Bonnett has spent most of his smartcard career translating and integrating technology components into end-user solutions designed to solve business security needs and incorporating multi-applications onto a single credential using both contactless and contact smartcards. He has held positions at National Semiconductor, Siemens (Infineon), Certicom, Motorola and HID. He is the author of smartcard articles, regularly presents at conferences, and helps companies successfully implement smartcard projects. Mr. Bonnett has been an active member of the Smart Card Alliance contributing to the development of physical access security white papers. He holds dual bachelor’s degrees in industrial and electrical engineering from San Jose State University.

In this interview you will discover:

  • How user name and password authentication is still the easiest and most cost effective way for users to access electronic data.  But the weak link is how people choose and manage those passwords.
  • That having the user’s name or email address as an account’s User Name can weaken network security by 50%.
  • Yellow post it note syndrome.
  • Cloud computing is all the rave right now. What are the dangers?
  • How you can keep your passwords safe by using double, two-factor authentication.

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