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Hailed as the Erma Bombeck for the 21st Century, Rudy Wilson Galdonik is a menopausal mom with an attitude. A tad shy of bionic, she is a lifelong heart patient with over $40,000 worth of equipment embedded in her chest. Installation extra.

Take Heart! by Rudy Wilson GaldonikAuthor of inspirational stories in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Teatime Stories for Women, Stories of God’s Abundance, and Teens Can Bounce Back as well as numerous articles. Contributor to Improving Systems of Care, A Patient’s Perspective. 2010 won honorable mention in the PEN Soul-Making Contest for Literary Nonfiction. Rudy is also the author of Take Heart!, which chronicles Rudy’s experiences with heart surgeries, raising a family, and experiencing widow-hood at an early age. Rudy manages to take on all these experiences and give a humorous and soulful insight into dealing with life’s challenges.

Rudy’s writing career began in the third grade when, filled with a passion to write, she began her Great American Novel. By page 4 she was bored to tears and her masterpiece was eventually thrown out along with Rudy’s extensive collection of airline throw-up bags by her mother, whose own passion was cleaning.

A gifted storyteller, Rudy blends scriptural truth with everyday tips and techniques. She uses humor to encourage women to see today’s challenges as tomorrow’s credentials and to step out in faith to be all they were meant to be.

In this interview you will discover:

  • How humor evolved into a career that Rudy is passionate about
  • How you can add more genuine humor to your life
  • How humor works in the corporate world
  • Why humor takes courage
  • What advice Rudy has for people who face living with a chronic medical condition

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